Saturday, June 26 & Sunday, June 27, 2004 - 8-10 PM
@IRT, 154 Christopher Street, Suite 3B, New York, NY

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Tickets: $10
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by Michelle Travis

Adam and Eve have been cast out of Eden...and find themselves stranded on a sidewalk in front of Gramercy Park. At the intersection of temptation, free will, paradise and private property, what's a guy and his appendage to do? - directed by Susan Sternkopf and performed by Stacey Linnartz, Eyal Sherf and Alice Connorton
Michelle Travis discusses A RIB OF HER OWN

by Nancy McClernan

Email penpals Sharon and Bernadette are writing a slash story together, but the real world keeps intruding. - directed by Nancy McClernan and performed by Janice Mann, Valerie David, Alex Tavis and Jason Alan Griffin
Nancy McClernan discusses THE SLASH

by Don Monaco

Lily has a valid passport to travel to Paris from Nazi-infested Austria. Why is a National Socialist trooper preventing her from leaving? - directed by Synge Maher and performed by Janice Mann and Ben Curns
Don Monaco discusses TO THE ORANGERIE

by Cat Bistransin

G. B. Shaw receives a visit from one of his most famous creations, and she is not pleased by revisions he's made to PYGMALION. - directed by Tom Thornton and performed by Mike Jankowitz and Mary Murphy

by Cat Bistransin

The Goddess and the Other Goddess discuss Abigail Adams, politics and the questionable charms of clam chowder. - directed by Tom Thornton and performed by Nina Covalesky and Lara Slife
Cat Bistransin discusses her plays

These plays were all developed in part or in whole through readings at NYCPlaywrights.

This reading is presented by Mergatroyd Productions
Producer: Nancy McClernan
Executive Producer: Jonathan Flagg
Stage Manager: Naomi McClernan