Justin Trudeau
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Welcome to the third episode of the NYCPlaywrights podcast.

NOTE: this is a long podcast and its file is large - it may take a few minutes to become available in its entirety.

  1. Escape to Canada: 00:00
  2. Adam Susser asks Americans if they know who Justin Trudeau is : 01:12
  3. I discover Justin Trudeau: 2:24
  4. Brooke Johnson on Pierre Trudeau and TRUDEAU STORIES: 3:45
  5. A scandal in Canada: 10:47
  6. Alexis Diamond, translator, playwright, producer in Montreal: 12:59
  7. Quebecois playwright Claude Montminy interview & FRANCONIA monologue in French & English performed by Constance Cooper : 25:05
  8. Selected monologue CONTES DU CAMP CANADIAN by Vivian Lermond, performed by Bruce Barton & interview with Vivian: 35:04
  9. Composer Doug Price on working with Jeanine Tesori & the Canadian ghost town musical: 45:39
  10. Michael Rubinoff on creating his show COME FROM AWAY & kissing a fish: 51:27
  11. Canadian playwrights recommended by Doug Price, Alexis Diamond & Claude Montminy: 1:02:56
  12. Call for submissions for the next podcast: 1:03:36
  13. Thanks to Starra, Bruce, Constance, Doug, Alexis, Claude, Brooke, Vivian, Michael & Adam: 1:05:32
  14. Sarah Jeanne Ziegler's full version of "O Canada": 1:06:22