Conversation by Vanessa Bell
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Welcome to the fifth episode of the NYCPlaywrights podcast.
  1. Exit, Pursued by a Lawyer: 00:00
  2. Interview with Ralph Sevush of the Dramatists Guild on important legal cases for playwrights and the evolution of the Guild in the past decade: 04:40
  3. Interview with Chelsea Anderson-Long of Primary Stages: 25:48
  4. Neil Simon on THE ODD COUPLE and Working Habits: 31:13
  5. A NEW PLAY BY MATTHEW WEAVER by Matthew Weaver, performed by Kate Armstrong Ross, Chris Palmieri, Colleen McGloin and Nancy McClernan : 35:21
  6. Call for Submissions for the Next Podcast : 49:48
  7. Thanks & Last Thoughts on the Lawsuit: 50:08