written & directed by N.G. McClernan produced by Mergatroyd Productions @Where Eagles Dare PlayLab ~ Friday February 26 @9PM & Saturday February 27 @7PM ~ 347 W. 36th St. NY NY (between 8th & 9th Aves.)
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Alice Anne English as Lisa Ann Roberts, Doug Rossi as Reverend Halifax, Mike Giorgio as Oliver

Carolyn Paine as Willow

Reverend Halifax and Oliver

Oliver performs the one-man show

More of the one-man show

and even more of the one-man show

Willow (Carolyn Paine) shows Reverend Halifax the script

Lisa Ann Roberts, Chair of the Council

Reverend Halifax

Willow and her cutting-edge script

Lisa Ann has big plans for Reverend Halifax's church

Reverend Halifax, Oliver and Willow