Six performances - January 24, 25, 31 February 1, 7, 8 2009
Saturdays @8PM & Sundays @3PM

Tickets $15 - $10 for students & seniors
Ticketing by - 212-352-3101 or 1-866-811-4111
@Penny Templeton Studio, 261 W. 35th Street Suite 304 NY NY

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New York City, etc.

I want to be a part of it...

Mike S - In 1982 I was a bicycle messenger. I was riding along East 59th Street on a bright sunny day when some frickin' idiot jaywalks between trucks and I have to stop short with squealing tires and cursing and all that. And it's about three seconds later that I realize that I've almost killed Andy Warhol.

Nancy's brushes with fame in NYC - Rue McClanahan at the table next to ours at Joe Allens, almost pushed Jimmie Smits over in the World Trade Center lobby rushing to catch my bus on the West Side Highway, and passing Eddie Izzard on the street in the West Village - I didn't know who he was - all I know is that someone I thought was an extremely butch lesbian passed me on the street and just as he passed I thought - 'oh, it's a man - must be a transvestite. Maybe a professional transvestite.' Later on when I caught his Dress to Kill show on HBO and realized who it was, I also realized what I meant was executive transvestite.

Aliza Einhorn, poet and playwright who is an Assistant Stage Manager on the STRESS show says:
I always loved the Lower East Side, and wrote this poem when I was working in that neighborhood, Rosh Hashannah time, and feeling the pull of my Jewish roots and the spirit of the Orthodox community that still lives there. In NYC you can keep company with God or you can abandon him. I've done both, more than once. In this city, there's something for everyone.

"Old Jews"

Gold leaf feeling of a new fall morning,
I'm at the bakery, buying "breakaway" challah,
still fresh although it's from Sunday,
the lady behind the counter giving it a squeeze.

The old Jews will die out and who,
tell me who will replace them
in a neighborhood not my own,
Grand Street, near Essex, Delancey not far,
the Lower East Side mostly Chinese and Dominican now
(May they be inscribed in the Book of Life).

So I declare that the soul of this old Grand Street bakery,
across from the mikveh ("ritualarium" the sign says) is eternal:
the blood and bones of my neshama
do not know from bacon and free will,
from conch,
and every swarming thing
and Christmas lights,
no matter how long, or how I often, I stray.

Sing gold leaf feeling of a new fall morning, a sob is
breaking in my body.
Women in wigs, so often named Goldie, proclaim Shana Tova,
it's the New Year, and make heaven, be sealed
in the Book of Life.

Bruce Barton: When I first moved to NYC on the Winter of 1986, the thing that struck me was how even routine tasks take more energy when you live here. Just riding trains to get to work and walking the streets of the city required more energy from me because everyone around me was so intent and seemingly driven in the way THEY rode the trains and walked the streets. I adjusted pretty quickly but for the first couple of months or so I'd get home from work in the evening and I'd be pooped! NYC is a high-intensity type of place and when you're into it it's very invigorating but on those days when you're not up for it, it can really take a lot out of you.

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